"Phil's professional attitude and approach to our film projects has been nothing short of outstanding. He not only brings projects in on time, on budget and with the highest possible production values, Phil also does this all with diplomacy and good feelings on set and with our clients."

Jack Fisher, Director City Lights Productions, New York City

"And you, Phil Meyerowitz, you were asked to be the prime force-the center of the hurricane that held the madness together. You had to be responsible for dozens of LITERALLY last minute details in a production schedule that allowed for no professional safety devices. You just plunged ahead. I can't believe you found and booked a Jumbo-tron in ten minutes after I requested it. And had it on site less than 24 hours later. You are a top top production manager."

Chris Newton, Executive Producer AT&T Creative Services, Basking Ridge, NJ

"Phil's extensive experience and contacts in the industry have made him invaluable to our production efforts in video, film, and live events. He can take a production plan from inception through execution and stay on until the books are wrapped. Phil has also been a valuable asset even on smaller shoots, with simpler pre-production and production requirements. Clients love him, and he works well with crews, talent and other production people. His professional attitude comes through, even in the high-pressure moments so common during a production. But his greatest value is in anticipating production needs ahead of time, so that most potential emergencies just never develop."

Kevin Padden, Impact Unlimited, Dayton, NJ

"Without a doubt, we had a rousing success, and no small part of it was due to your management and your ability to pick the right people to carry out your directions. In fact, without you we might have had a fiasco. As I said at the farewell party, I was able to bask in the glory of having found you. Thank you very much.."

Frank Leicht, Director Steve Burnett Productions, New York City